What is I/O?

I/O is a technology-centered project to cultivate autonomy in our communities. We connect grassroots organizations, nonprofits, and community members with free resources on technology, including info sessions, educational materials, and workshops.

Each week, we set a space where we as individuals and small organizations become more aware of the power in our everyday tech and personal devices, and practice utilizing that power for the betterment of our lives and communities.

Our events are free to attend, with a suggested donation of $10.

Here you will find links to helpful resources, as well as instructions on how to subscribe to our calendar of events.

Our Programs

We host programs (nearly) every Sunday from at one of several locally-owned venues. We alternate between programming that is generally oriented towards Individuals (I) and programming that is generally oriented towards organizations (O) or collectives.

Of course, anyone can attend either type of gathering — this distinction is made only to help you scope what you would like to attend, and the things you would like to learn. When the topic appeals to both, the event will be marked “I/O.”

Our Ethos

In computing, I/O is short for “input/output,” and is used regularly across a variety of contexts, but most often refers to some kind of exchange between external devices and internal devices, or, moreover, between machines and humans. It is this very exchange we concern ourselves with. “Io” is also the name of Jupiter’s innermost moon. The moon was named after a mortal figure in Greek mythology, who befriends imprisoned Prometheus, and whose descendent, Heracles, eventually frees him.

We are anti-(techno)capitalists, solarpunks, and radical technologists. Our ethics place us against “Adtech,” “Fintech,” and Silicon Valley. Our programs are not part of a “bootcamp” or coding school. We are not recruiters; we actively discourage everyone from getting jobs in the “Tech” sector. If you are employed by organizations in the tech industry, please be advised that our ideology is hostile to you or your employer’s profit motive, and that we are committed to shunning common behaviors that we have seen rewarded in many other “tech” groups. Among other things, this means we strictly enforce our no-tolerance policy against bigotry of any kind.

Racism, queerphobia, transphobia, sexism, capitalist advocacy, “brogrammer,” “manarchist,” or any kind of similarly awful behavior will result in immediate removal from the venue and you will be asked never to return. Starting arguments that hijack the experience of others, speaking condescendingly, or acting in ways that makes others less able to learn will result in the same. Never take a learning opportunity away from another participant, no matter how smart you need everyone to think you are.

We believe technology is an intangible earth, with which we can and should have an earthly relationship. It is power that we can harness through holistic methods as individuals and cooperative networks for the empowerment of oneself and of one’s actual communities. Our approach stands in contrast to isolationism, sterility, and authoritarianism by being participatory, flexible, and adaptive. If this sounds like you, welcome. If not, there are plenty of other places you can go.


Next Event: Hacker Brunch: Using Signal Private Messenger

Shift-CTRL Space’s Hacker Brunch on Sunday, October 6th from 2:306pm at The Footlight.

Stop by Hacker Brunch to feed your <head> and your <body>. If enough people order food in advance, we’ll get catered chicken and waffles! (Seitan “chicken” option available for vegans!) Get your Hacker Brunch “Chix & Waffles” food ticket here.

While we eat, we’ll learn about how to use Signal the way 1337 hackers do. Whether you’re an individual chatting with friends or an organizer planning an action, all effective coordination depends on safe and reliable communication. Lacking integrity for our communications dooms any effort from the outset, whether mundane or revolutionary.

Signal is the name of a Free Software, secure, private message application built on a cryptographic telecommunications protocol of the same name formerly known as Axolotl Ratchet or, more commonly, the Double-Ratchet Algorithm. Its features are robust enough for the revolutionary activist (end-to-end encryption, message authentication, plausible deniability or message repudiation, perfect forward secrecy, and more) and yet simple enough to use as a drop-in replacement for your existing text messaging application. Signal also sports Skype-like voice and video calling, location- and file-sharing features, and even iMessage-style large font emojis!

If you’ve never heard of Signal before, now’s the time to switch. If you think you already know how to use Signal, let us show you some pro-tips (trusted third-party Safety Number verification, disappearing messages, registering Signal accounts with pseudonymous phone numbers, inactivity lock-outs, and Signal relay server IP address protection). Join us at our next Hacker Brunch to learn how and why Signal is simple enough to schedule drinks with, yet secure enough to use for planning a protest.

As with all our events, please keep in mind our lightweight social rules to help make the space welcoming to people of all skill and experience levels.

This event is: IO.

Scan this QR code to connect to the event’s Wi-Fi network: QR code for connecting to the Shift-CTRL Space Wi-Fi.

Upcoming Event: Hex90: Hello, friend.

You’re invited! Join us for the next Hex90 queer hacker salon as we debut a new cybersecurity alternate reality experience on Saturday, November 16th from 9pm2am at Wonderville.

R  2019-09-16


a queer hacker salon in nyc


~ visuals & livecoding by LiveCode.NYC
~ indie arcade cabinets by Death By Audio
~ musical sets by XOXA residents
~ glowing crystal crowns and accessories by Half Lucid Jewelry
~ hacking demos by Tech Learning Collective
~ cybersecurity alternate reality experience by Shift-CTRL Space

featured artists_

~ DJ Kandylion
~ DJ Panooc
~ more to be announced!


November 16, 2019 @ Wonderville
1186 Broadway, Brooklyn, NY 11221
9pm - 2am

~ this venue is accessible
~ this venue has gender-neutral restrooms

*dressing up is encouraged but not required*

$15.00 - str8 cismen
$10.00 - queers and femmes

This space is not exclusionary, but it is an intentionally queer space. Consent and respect are not optional! Anyone being disrespectful will be removed immediately without a refund. We are against technocapitalist motives. We are a space for queer hackers, not for Silicon Valley fans. Don't piss off the hackers. ;)


watch the video:

Start playing the game immediately at the invitation site. As usual, please refer to our lightweight social rules to help make the space welcoming to people of all skill and experience levels.

This event is: I.